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Corrugated and spiral double-wall pipes

Corrugated and spiral, double-wall pipes have a high Newtonian resistance due to their design and because the sewer system has no internal pressure, we can rely on the ground pressure and the traffic load as external (= Newtonian) pressure. HDPE-PP materials, among all the plastic materials, are more resistant to chemicals. Therefore, Parse Rothengaran Company, has offered corrugated pipes as the best pipes in resistance to chemicals. The studies show that corrosion in metal and concrete sewer pipes, are more than the polymer ones. Corrugated and spiral pipes are used against acids and bases with a high concentration. These pipes are non-conductive and due to their weight, they are suitable for telescopic transmission (pipe in pipe) and also, these pipes are optimized and suitable in terms of cost, time and effort that has to be spent on a project. Therefore, corrugated pipes, unlike concrete and metal pipes, do not need heavy equipments and they are not overpriced. Corrugated pipes, compared with concrete and metal pipes are about 30 times lighter and are recommended to be used in sewer systems as the best option for longevity and cost effectiveness.

The Rothen Plast Polyethylene Welding Machine

We are proud to be the first and largest producer of Polyethylene Welding Machine in whole middle east. Our company, design and manufacture different types of Manual Polyethylene Welding Machine, Semi-hydraulic Polyethylene Welding Machine, Fully automatic Polyethylene Welding Machine, Welding Machine for sewage system purposes, Electro fusion Welding Machine (Butt fusion), and, all kinds of accessories of these products, for our dear customers. Our consulting group is ready to be at your service to help you find the best product, and, the Rothengaran’s training group can help you get the Welding Certificate. All Rothengaran’s Polyethylene Welding Machines, manufacture in two classes of Economic and VIP.


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