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mohammad reza azizi

ROTHEN PLAST with over 15 years of experience in manufacturing plastic welding equipment, is ready to provide it’s service to all dear customers.
All products are designed and built according to International standards and directives (ISO, CEE)
Since the very beginning, quality and technology innovation were ROTHEN PLAST’s milestones, and time after time, these achievements have been more recognized by the global market.
The great feature of ROTHEN PLAST are its ideas to design and produce accurate, quick, versatile, modular and user-friendly welding machines.
Product range includes butt fusion, electro-fusion and extrusion equipments along with various types of pipes and fittings. ROTHEN PLAST is also providing a complete line of accessories and useful instruments for pipe cutting and welding preparation such as band saws.

All the products of this company are manufactured in the most secure way with the best world’s machinery. ROTHEN PLAST would take the responsibility of the shipment of it’s products to the customer’s warehouse or their project location.
ROTHENGARAN’s duty of care towards the clients has created the new born ROTHEN PLAST FUSION OPERATOR SCHOOL. This is a welding school with the goal of training qualified personnel and spreading the knowledge of technical potential of ROTHEN PLAST’s equipments.


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