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Rotenplast Group was established in 2024 and is a subsidiary of Pars Rotengaran Company, which has been active in Iran since 1999 . Our company is honored to pronounce that its products are in accordance with the worlds standards such as EN 13476-3 and DIN16961 for the polyethylene pipes, and also DVS 2201 and ISO 12176-1 for the polyethylene welding machines. Nowadays, our products are being exported to many countries such as Turkmenistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Italy, CIS countries, and etc. The Lab and QC unit of the company ensures the quality of the raw materials and the manufactured products for our dear customers. Our products are listed as below:

  • Polyethylene Pipes
  • Corrugated Pipes (all types)
  • Drainage Pipes
  • Polyethylene Septic Tank
  • Polyethylene Manhole
  • Polyethylene Welding Machine (all type)
  • HDPE Connections and Fittings

Our company also accepts orders of those customers who wish to have their own brand on the products.

some of our dear customers:

  • Paladeri Srl in Italy
  • Paladeri Srl in Italy
  • Welberit in Iraq
  • World Poly in Australia
  • Municipal Department of Karaj
  • Municipal Department of Qazvin
  • Municipal Department of Urmia
  • Municipal Department of Tabriz
  • Municipal Department of Mashhad
  • Municipal Department of Sari
  • Water Supply Company of Alborz
  • Ika Inc.
  • Water and Waste-water company in Karaj
  • Ahab Inc.
  • Khatam-ol Anbia Construction
  • Pasargad Kavosh Nirou Inc.
  • Engineering consulting Ray Ab Inc
  • Rah Sazeh Jonoob Water supply
  • Tunnel Sadd Ariana company
  • Jelveh Namaye Aria company
  • Zarin Meshk Houmeh company
  • Sari Sazeh company
  • Zagros Rahan company
  • Aroum Shib Shekan company
  • Mana construction company
  • Chakad Jonoob company
  • The Municipal Departments Of Khorasan province
  • Peymaneh Inc.
  • Gol Gohar company
  • Tous company
  • Arghavan company
  • Sahel Sabz company
  • Sarouj company
  • Rahidko company
  • Peymaneh company
  • Gohar Ravesh company

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