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Polyethylene Manhole

The polyethylene manhole is made of 3840 polyethylene materials which is manufactured by petrochemical companies in small granules pieces and sent to the manufacturers in 25kg packages. At the production unit, the raw materials are poured in special grinders and turned into powder. The powder will be poured in a certain amount into some rotary molds. Then, the molds will be heated and melt the powder inside, and then the melted materials stick to the body of the molds and takes its shape. After this process, the molds will be cooled in an appropriate amount of time and the melted materials takes the manholes shape. At this point, the molds will be removed and the product will be sent to a unit so the rough edges get cut and removed from the product. The polyethylene manhole is made of white materials. The color master batches are used to to color them.

Types of Polyethylene Manholes

  • Rotary molded polyethylene manhole
  • Hand made polyethylene manhole

Rotary molded polyethylene manhole

Manhole made of polyethylene is manufactured by rotary method. The raw materials will be ground and turn into powder and then sent to the special designed molds. The molds will rotate and heat the raw materials in 220°C to melt the materials. At this point, the melted materials will take the molds shape.

The Rothen Plasts polyethylene manholes are manufactured in 31.5 kN and 64 kN of ring stiffness, and different diameters of 60 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm, and 150 cm. The polyethylene manholes can be produced in different heights from 80 cm up to 12 m.

Different parts of Polyethylene Manhole

Polyethylene manholes made with rotary molding method consist of three parts:

The top part or taper

The top part of the polyethylene manhole can be manufactured in two sizes of 50 cm and 1 m. The top part is in conic shape and has a 60 cm entrance. The polyethylene manhole contains some steps which are designed and installed on the raiser or the middle part of the manhole.

The steps of the manhole are pre-designed in the mold for production.

The middle part or the raiser

 The raiser of manhole or the middle part, can be designed and produced in different sizes from 25 cm to 50 cm, and 1000 mm, 1200mm, and 1500 mm in diameter. The size of this part of the manhole has a direct effect on the height of the manhole.

For example, if a manhole in 2 m height needs to change height due to the project need, it only needs to change the raiser of the manhole.

The middle part plays a major role in the height of the manhole therefore, this part of the manhole is designed and manufactured in different heights.

The bottom part or the base of the manhole

 This part is always at the bottom of the manhole. The base of the polyethylene manhole can be designed and manufactured in cuboid shape and chamber base. It is possible to put multiple entrances and exits at the base of the manhole. The bases of the manholes are manufactured in same height, but they can be produced in different diameters. The height of the base of the polyethylene manhole is usually 50 cm.

The polyethylene manhole has many uses in water and sewage projects, waste-water collection, pressured valves boxes, and telecommunications.

The cuboid base of the manhole

 The cuboid base is designed in such a way that the operator can select the input and output from each part of the base and drill them.

This type of base increases the ease of work of the operator and the installer and it can neutralize the work related errors.

The chamber base of the manhole

This type of base is manufactured in different types of outlets. The waterway can be determined by installing different outlets.

This type of base is pre-made and no change is possible after the production.

The body of the rotary molded polyethylene manhole is designed in such a way that the strength of the manhole is increased and strengthens the position of the manhole by pounding the soil around it.

Important point: The all three parts of the polyethylene manhole (the taper, the raiser, the base) are attached together with washers, bolts, and sealing glues. Therefore, the height of the manhole can change by relocating the bolts.

The polyethylene manholes are in different heights and different diameters.

The diameters of the polyethylene manhole

  • The 1000 mm polyethylene manhole
  • The 1200 mm polyethylene manhole
  • The 1500 mm polyethylene manhole
  • The 2000 mm polyethylene manhole

The polyethylene manhole can be manufactured in different colors. The light colors are common for these manholes so the video metric process can be done in a more convenient way. In all types of manholes, the steps should be installed so the operators can have access inside of the manhole.

Hand made polyethylene manhole

 There are no triple parts in the handmade manhole.

The corrugated pipes are used in the design of the handmade manhole. The end of the pipe is the base of the manhole, and the outlet is around the pipe, and the top of the pipe is the taper of the manhole.

The price of the manhole (taper, raiser, and base)

 The price of the manhole is depending on the needed volume and height. The height of the manholes are from 45 up to 90 in huge projects. The production of the large size manholes are the specialty of Rothen Plast. Contact us for more information and advice.

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