Selling fish breeding cages

In recent decades in Iran, the industrial methods of fish farming and aquaculture have replaced the traditional methods in this field, for example, in the southern regions of Iran and the shores of the Caspian Sea, in addition to the use of common methods such as fish breeding ponds, this is a fully industrial method. And much more profitable, it is also used in the name of fish breeding cage, this method is also known by other names such as sea cage and aquatic breeding cage.

The profession and occupation of aquaculture in today’s modern world, like other occupations, requires sufficient expertise, knowledge and skills. The use of the new and industrial method of fish breeding cages, considering the potential of the geographical areas, increases the profitability and employment of the residents and owners of those areas.

One of the most important uses of fish breeding cages as one of the aquatic breeding equipments is the temporary storage of fishes until they are ready to be marketed. In addition to the fish breeding cage tour, Hyper Sanat rothenplast company provides different types of fish breeding cages, which include the following:

Fixed fish breeding cage
Floating fish cage
Submersible fish breeding cage
Submerged fish breeding cage

fish breeding cages

fish breeding cages

Technical specifications of the fish breeding cage

Aquaculture in cages has attracted the attention of most countries of the world in recent years due to its advantages and high productivity. This method is also used in Iran due to favorable geographical conditions.

Among the suitable environments for the use of aquarium breeding cages, we can mention sea water, mirage, water behind dams, natural lakes and beaches. is placed

Fish breeding system based on dense and semi-dense

In the fish breeding cage, two methods are used to keep aquatic animals, which are as follows:

Dense system: In the high density method, fish are kept in high numbers and feeding the aquatic animals is done manually. The feeding of aquatic animals in this method includes mineral and protein concentrate.
Semi-dense system: In cage fish farming, when the extensive or semi-dense method is used, the fish are kept in an extensive manner. Feeding in this method is done without the need of hands and in a natural way from water products, it is worth mentioning that this method is suitable for breeding fish such as carp and goldfish that eat everything.

Types of fish breeding cages

According to the size, type of fish and geographical region, the fish breeding cage has different types, such as fixed, floating, submersible and submersible fish breeding cages, and we will introduce each of them below.

fish breeding cages

Fixed fish breeding cage
Fish breeding in fixed cages

The structure and mechanism of fish breeding in fixed cages is such that cage net bags with specific spring or mesh sizes are installed by poles or rods of different diameters in the bed of rivers, lakes and backwaters of dams. to be

Using and buying a fixed fish breeding cage is cost-effective due to its convenient design, and the process of breeding aquatic animals is done in it with ease. At the time of installing the fixed aquaculture cage, it should be noted that this fish cage is set up in shallow beds and has limitations in terms of size and shape.

Floating fish cage
Breeding fish in floating cages

The structure of the floating fish cage is such that the net of the floating fish breeding cage with different mesh sizes that are determined according to the type of fish floats in the water by a thick ring ring or a floating frame that may be made of steel. , metal and polyethylene is galvanized, it is fixed.

It is recommended to use this cage in the southern regions of the country as well as in saltwater aquaculture in order to increase the use of floating fish breeding cages.

The purchase and use of floating fish breeding cages is more than other models of aquatic breeding cages, the reasons for which are the following:

  • The possibility of leaving the cage in the depth of water during stormy seas, which has caused the cost of maintenance and repair of floating cages for aquatic breeding, is lower than other models of fish breeding cages.
  • Ability to set up and design in different forms

fish breeding cages

Submersible fish cages
Breeding fish in canning cages

The submersible fish cage, which is also known as the tension base cage, has the same structure as the floating cage for aquaculture. It is worth mentioning that the differences between these two fish cage models are few. The submersible fish breeding cage has a net bag in standard size or a small spring.

The establishment of submersible fish breeding cage is in such a way that this cage can be set up and installed at different depths by relying on wooden frames or masts. One of the advantages of this product is its high resistance to adverse weather conditions, which causes the product to be damaged later and has high efficiency.

The way to use the submersible fish breeding cage is that it is kept at the water level when the sea is calm, and it is thrown into the water and placed at a suitable depth during storms and adverse weather conditions.

Submersible fish breeding cage net on the surface of the water

Submersible fish breeding cage net in deep water

Rothenplast is also a provider of fish breeding racks. The fish breeding cage offered by this company has a polyethylene float and is considered a floating cage. These cages are mainly used behind dams and dams. The net used in these cages is plastic and generally made of polyethylene with 25 mm holes. The body of the pool is made of a metal profile, which is resistant to rust damage with the help of a coating embedded in its surface. The specifications of Rothenplast  fish breeding cage are as follows:

Dimensions: 4 x 4 meters
Cage depth: 2 meters
Cage net holes: 25 mm
Floating material: polyethylene

Among the features of this fish breeding cage, the following can be mentioned:

  • Easy to catch
  • Controlling the amount of feed and not wasting it
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Ease of installation
  • Low depreciation
  • Ease of feeding

fish breeding cages

Submerged fish breeding cage
Breeding fish in submerged cages

The submerged cage has a simple structure that was designed in 2009 and built in 2012. This type of fish breeding cage is made of a certain number of boxes with different shapes, which are made of wood or polyethylene, and there are gaps between them for the passage of water, which causes natural food to enter the cage. One of the important things in this type of fish farming in a cage is its strength, which is provided by large stones or pike, which is another name for double-headed fish, in the water bed.

Fish breeding cage tour

The fish breeding cage tour includes three types, each of which will be described below:

Main net (Rearing net): This net is the main fish keeping net, which has 3 sizes, and according to the size change and growth of the fish, this net is replaced. Their most important feature is being anti-moss. The height of these nets is 6 to 8 meters and the spring (mesh) of the net is between 6 and 20 mm.
Protective net (Anti-predator): To protect and increase the strength of the main net, a net with a 45 mm mesh spring is used, which is called a protective net.
Anti-predator net: Anti-bird net is used in the uppermost layer of fish breeding in the cage to prevent birds from attacking. Another function of this net is to prevent the fish from leaving when the sea is stormy and the cage bag is overturned into the water.
Fish cage bag
Aquaculture cage mesh bag

One of the most important components of the fish breeding cage in all types of cages is the net bag, which must have the right conditions and structure, including:

  • The high strength of the net bag
  • Low weight of the bag
  • Resistance to adhesion of foreign substances in water
  • Resistance to weathering and decay
  • The portability of the net bag and its easy repair
  • High tensile capacity of the bag
  • Reasonable price and easy access to it

fish breeding cages

Effective factors in the placement of fish breeding cages

The location of the fish breeding cage


Water depth: The fixed fish breeding cage is set up at a depth of less than 8 meters, because if the water depth is greater, the strength of the poles will be reduced and it will no longer be able to hold the cage at greater depths. It is recommended to use tools such as echo sounder to determine the appropriate depth.
Water bed: The condition of the water bed is one of the most influential factors in choosing the design and type of fish cage. One of the important points in connection with freshwater is that it is very difficult to connect the base of the fixed cage in these waters, for this reason, it is better to use a floating fish breeding cage in these waters.
Water flow: The factor that provides oxygen and removes waste products from the life of fish is the exchange and flow of water. The appropriate water flow rate is 0.1 to 0.5 liters per second. In this range, the ideal speed is 0.2 to 0.3 liters per second. Failure to pay attention to the speed of water flow causes financial losses and high cost of containment and reconstruction of fish breeding cages.
Technical specifications of fish breeding cage components
Components of fish breeding cages in the sea

Among the most important equipment of fish breeding cages, the following can be mentioned:

Buoy: Floating buoys are made of polyethylene and have connection rings at the bottom and top in the volume and dimensions of 250, 475, 700, 925, 1150, 1375 and 1600 liters.
Anchor: Based on the type of cage, anchors are available in the form of rakes, spikes, and cubes for stone, sand, and mud beds.
Chain: It is made of steel and its length is determined based on the type of cage and the place of installation.
Bracket: It is made of polyethylene and is used to keep the connections and pipes together.
All equipment for raising fish in cages, such as brackets, buoys, pipes, polyethylene, walls, cylinders, etc., are available at Rothenplast co. Among the specifications of this equipment, the following can be mentioned:

  • Low weight of polyethylene tools
  • Resistance to sun, temperature and UV rays
  • Resistant to acids and bases in the environment
  • Resistant to impact, strong water flow, waves and hydrodynamic pressures
  • Fast installation and easy maintenance in all types of climatic ecosystems of Pattern
  • Optimal use of natural water resources
  • Reducing environmental pollution
  • Proper growth of aquatic animals


Breeding salmon in cages
Breeding salmon in fish breeding cages

There are many factors in fish breeding cages that make them a suitable method for breeding all kinds of fish, especially rainbow salmon. Rainbow trout are considered one of the most popular farmed fish due to their high sales and the reasons mentioned below.

Rapid growth of salmon in fish breeding cages
It is omnivorous and does not cause any concern to the farmer in the fish breeding cage.
It has a good sales market both inside and outside of Iran.
The number of rainbow trout eggs is very high and they will grow easily in a fish breeding cage.
They will grow well in the high density maintenance system.
They adapt well to hand feeding.
Fish breeding cages in the Persian Gulf
The use of suitable fish breeding cages in the southern provinces of the country depends on the type of fish, water depth and type of fish breeding cages, but considering the weather conditions in the Persian Gulf and the presence of long waves, it is recommended to use round fish breeding cages that Made of polyethylene material or submerged spherical cage. In this type of cages, the net bag volume is from 1800 to 3600 cubic meters and they are made according to the type of application and required size.

Fish breeding cages in the Caspian Sea
Fish breeding cage suitable for the Caspian Sea

Fish breeding cages made of polyethylene, which are floating and fixed fish cages, are suitable for use in the Caspian Sea. At the time of choosing salmon, trout and other aquatic animals, when using submerged fish breeding cages made of polyethylene, one should pay attention to the increase in water temperature in the surface layers of the Caspian Sea in the summer season and to observe the principles related to the air temperature of the water depth. did

Optimum use of fish breeding cages

In order to increase the efficiency and income of the fish breeding cage plan, tropical fish can be bred in the hot seasons and rainbow trout can be bred in the cold seasons. This type of exploitation of the lake will face the economic growth process and will bring the possibility of high profitability.

Also, paying attention to the fact that the production and construction of fish breeding cages is determined based on the capacity of the net, the species of fish bred and the place of establishment, has caused an increase in the production of fish breeding cages. It is worth mentioning that one of the most common fish breeding cages in Iran is the floating and fixed fish breeding cage.

Tips for installing a fish breeding cage

  • The depth of water under the net bag of the fish breeding cage should be 1 to 2 times the height of the net bag in order to prevent the accumulation of waste materials under the fish breeding cage.
  • Regionalism and predominance of the fish breeding cage to the wind blowing in the lake, which will cause its water to mix with the air and eventually aerate the net bag of the fish breeding cage.
  • Easy access to the cage and ease of feeding should be taken into consideration when choosing the bedding for the fish breeding cage.
    Paying attention to the non-entry of pollution into the cage bed and excessive fertilization of the lake


Advantages of breeding fish in cages

Easier to set up, install and maintain compared to home and concrete pools
Low investment cost and high productivity compared to the traditional method of aquaculture
Optimal and principled use of natural and semi-natural water resources of the country
High density of keeping aquatic animals at a low level, very low energy consumption and optimal conversion of energy to more profitability
Further development and easy portability
The use of natural and live feeding method, which has resulted in higher quality of fish meat.
Fish breeding cages in Iran
Today, in Iran, in order to increase productivity in the field of aquaculture, various modern equipments are used, such as fish farming aeration devices, aquatic water purification equipment, etc., and one of the most widely used equipments in the field of aquaculture is the fish cage.

The fish breeding cage was specially built and installed in the southern coasts of the country in 1360, in Lorestan province in 1370, and in 1380 by the foreign company, Rafa Norway, in the southern provinces of the country and in the waters of the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.

After the studies done and the feasibility of this method, the potential and power of breeding aquatic animals through fish breeding cages is estimated to be 100 thousand tons. The share of Hormozgan Province and Qeshm Island has been 90 thousand tons, which indicates the high efficiency of this geographical area for the exploitation of the fish breeding cage system.


The price of fish breeding cages

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The price of breeding fish in cages
Row description Price
1 The price of a fish breeding cage of 32 cubic meters call
2 The price of a fish breeding tour in a cage (per square meter) Call


The price list of the fish breeding cage depends on many factors. As a manufacturer and supplier of fish breeding equipment, Rotenplast recommends paying attention to the following points regarding the price of fish breeding cages. We are ready to send orders to the entire Middle East, among the countries that have bought and are using our products, we can mention Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq, Oman, Australia, and Russia. Please don’t tell me

  • The size of the fish cage
  • Brand of fish breeding cage manufacturer
  • Shape and type of fish breeding cage
  • Tools and equipment in the production of fish cages
  • How to sell and the sales center of fish breeding cages
  • The price of fish breeding cages varies (according to the size of different meshes).